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- pics of bear hunting in Scandinavia

- any pictures of bears in the wild

- pictures of bear foods (newborn moose and reindeer; ants; reindeer and moose; bears on kills; all the different berries)

- pic of GPS collar (in a field setting)

- pics of different types of bear dens

- pics of the study area in general (in different seasons)

- pics of hunting dogs

- pics of people doing fieldwork other then capture

- some sort of group photo (possibly at the meeting in June)

  • Finish all learn about bears text (after Alex comments) and deal with pictures

  • Add a tab to Learn About Bears called "Humans and Bears" or something (or are bears dangerous) and then add text about the approach studies, etc. 

  • Add a history of brown bear vs grizzly hover box to the genetics section (Difference between BB and GB)

    • The seperated ~10,000 years ago. Same species, but differ in behavior and some life history traits, etc. ​

  • About the Project Page

    • add logos

    • add pics

  • Research Overview Page

    • add pictures etc. ​

  • Add logo page to collaborators section somewhere

  • JUNE meeting:

    • get group photo​

    • come up with SBP one liner slogan

    • Get people thinking about pics

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