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Image by Adam Willoughby-Knox

Proudly celebrating our 40th year contributing scientific insights into

brown bear biology, ecology, and management!


Brown bears range across most of the northern hemisphere and are one of the worlds most wide spread large canirvores. They are also charasmatic and capture the imagination of people around the world. Learn more about their general biology and life history by clicking the link below! 


The Scandinavian Brown Bear Research Project has been studying brown bears for over 3 decades. Our research topics cover lots of ground, ranging across themes such as basic bear biology, physiology, and population mointoring, applied bear management and conservation, and human medicine. 


One of the Scandinavian Brown Bear Research Project's main goals is to make a broader impact on the world around us. See the many ways we give back by clicking the link below. 



The Scandinavian Brown Bear Research Project is one of the world's longest running research projects. Since its inception in 1984, the project has marked and followed over 940 individual bears to learn more about their biology, physiology, behavior, and ecology. The project provides unique, long-term, continuous data on bear biology that becomes more valuable with each passing year. Over the last several decades, the project has made important scientific contributions to our understanding to a range of subjects including brown bear biology and ecology, animal welfare, and human health. 

Together with our collaborators, the Scandinavian Brown Bear Research Project has published over 350 scientific peer-reviewed articles, contributed more than 150 management-related reports, and produced a wide array of content geared towards the general public. The project has educated multiple new generations of science professionals by mentoring numerous post-doctoral researchers, doctoral students, master's students, bachelor's students, and volunteers from around the world.


Our long-term goal is to continue to monitor the Scandinavian brown bear population and facilitate local management decisions, contribute to the understanding of brown bear biology and ecology in the context of our changing world, and provide nature-based solutions based on brown bear physiology to the field of human medicine. 

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